Following in the Footsteps of Warriors

I consider myself an afrofuturist. It appeals to me on a personal and spiritual level - the mix of sci-fi and indigenous sensibilities. Interpretations of a future through an afrocentric lens; this is the concept that drives much of my work.


Performance and the Art of Intimidation

Most days, when I'm alone or just in my own space, there is no guard up. However when I walk out into the world, especially when I'm making moves to create, the armor is on, in all its gleaming splendor. I am at full attention, with my inner coding to be 'on point' taking priority.... Continue Reading →


She pulls my strings. From across the room we feast on each other. I can feel the heat of her gaze calling my name, revealing my weakness for her. I flinch and stutter, hoping my sly upturned lip wasn't mistaken in the conversation at hand. I look over my shoulder, engrossing myself in our fiery... Continue Reading →


The mark of teeth on sun-kissed skin In dark hours of morning My flooding heart murmurs in overt clarity Open Absolute. On the precipice of severance from normalcy You revealed to me Devotion set in stone Unearthed. An etching decipherable only by our tongues. Your lips speak immaculate. Laden with praise cultivated In royal gardens... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Me

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash The way of life I've called into being has made me immune. In tune with the truth and removed from the cartoonish buffoonery I once allowed to be my reality. I can stand in a room, become one with a groove, and let all past regrets fall through open fingertips. I lament... Continue Reading →

Nudity and Art: Living my Truth

Being a performance artist, burlesque dancer and alternative model, nudity and the human form have become a place of comfort and power for me. I embrace the strength I have in my physical body, a force that allows me to create images, memories, emotional responses through movement. Growing up, the brutal teasing from my peers,... Continue Reading →

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