Reprogramming Your Mind With Sound

A huge reason why I started this blog was to have an outlet for my emotional, spiritual and mental health journey. The work I’ve begun in these last few months is the foundation for a continued road to awareness, actualization and healing. One of the most important parts is meditation, which is playing a huge role in my progress.

However, guided meditations don’t always do it for me. My brain has a hard time quieting, and there are moments when someone else’s voice brings me out of my focus. I can’t quite master sitting in silence either. For me, sound and music are such a key part in entering the meditative state, so when I encountered brainwave entrainment, I was beyond intrigued.


What is brainwave entrainment? It’s described as a method of brain stimulation that encourages a particular mental state, using sound, light or an electromagnetic field. The pulsation of these elements promote a ‘frequency following’, and the brain falls into alignment with the frequency it is exposed to. There are several forms of entrainment, and I have been experimenting with the three main audio types – Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic.

Binaural beats consist of two frequencies played in each ear, each at different Hz. The brain begins to resonate at the difference between the tones, essentially creating a pulsating tone within itself. The tone created corresponds to a particular effect, for example, tones of 400Hz and 415Hz would cause the brain to resonate at 15Hz, a beta wave frequency. They are often unnoticeable within other audio. Binaural beats require headphones, otherwise they become monaural beats.

Monaural beats also utilize two tones, but combine them in the output, which means this can be used without headphones. They also stimulate a different area of the brain than binaural beats, and are believed to be more effective. They also tend to be the most prominent of the three, often very noticeable in an audio track.

Isochronic tones are pulses that are frequent and short, spread evenly through the audio track. They create a pulse by rapidly turning on and off, tuning your brain to their frequency. They are often combined with monaural or binaural beats, can be listened to without headphones, and are the least noticeable yet most effective of the three.


These forms of audio can create relaxation, energy, stress relief, focus, improved cognition, creative stimulation, and ultimately, healing. By entraining your brain to these particular waves, you are unlearning existing brain activity that is related to negativity, anxiety, procrastination, trauma and mental blocks. Many of the audios that can be found online are combinations of two or more types of brainwave entrainment, incorporating solfeggio frequencies, pitch panning, modulation, and other sounds to create a harmonious blend of mind stimulating melody.

The best thing about brainwave entrainment is that it allows the brain to more quickly enter a meditative state, or any other mental state you desire, simply by exposing yourself to the specific waves that correspond. For me, it is instant healing in the sense that it allows me to gently alter my mental state without thinking or trying too hard. One of the challenges in self care is that often, when in a low state, taking steps to improve the situation can feel daunting. I’ve found it easy to put on my headphones and just let the audio do its work. It has brought me out of places of deep sadness, as well as into places of deep mental clarity and emotional stability. And what’s even better, there are specific tracks created for sleep – subliminal reprogramming for deep sleep, emotional healing, removing negativity, and calling abundance into one’s life. There is no end to the benefits from using this technique.

Of course, entrainment is not for everyone. Certain forms don’t really work for everyone, and can be downright offputting to others. They are not to be used by people under the age of 18, or those with epilepsy or who are pregnant. Also, the benefits are not meant to replace medical advice or care, and these benefits can only be attained with regular use.

How incredible is it that the human mind can be used in this way? As someone who believe in the power of sound and music, learning about brainwave entrainment has been a gift that has allowed me to add another tool to the arsenal of self care. No matter what spiritual belief you hold, this method can aid your journey to enlightenment. Try out some of the links I’ve included to my favorite audios, or follow this link to the Infinite Minds website to learn more, and see what your brain is capable of.


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