Fashion & Design Crush: Armour Jewelry

There’s not much I love more than a statement piece. That garment or accessory that changes your demeanor as soon as you put it on your body. That’s the feeling I live for when I’m getting dressed.

The Serpent Cuff

Megan Martin and Brianna Leigh Winter of Armour Jewelry are designer besties who have a knack for making women look and feel incredible. I stalk their social media pages often, and the sleek imagery never disappoints. They are jet-setters, fashionistas, and entrepreneurs – with an effortless and genuine approach that is so refreshing.

Brianna Leigh Winter Armour & Megan Martin

A few weeks after I arrived in San Miguel De Allende, I was contacted by Brianna to model for . The message went to that stupid message request folder that Facebook reserves for correspondence from people you aren’t friends with yet. Thankfully, I was reminded to check those messages, and I scoped out the website. Instantly I was thrilled to work with them!


My first collaboration with Armour was a fun and simple shoot on the terrace of Recreo San Miguel. Recreo is another amazing design house, featuring sophisticated, fashion forward women’s wear, with a focus on wraps and shawls geared to the climate of mexico. The minds behind Recreo & Armour not only collaborate so well, but they are a tightly knit fashion enclave, sharing their successes and crafting their brands in such a way that they complement each other immensely. I love the combination of their jewelry and garments, conveying the image of a woman who knows exactly who she is.

Recreo & Armour muse, Julia Sloan, wearing designs by both.

Brianna’s partner, Marcus Jolly, is an amazing photographer, shooting for major publications, high profile clients and weddings. They invited me for a test shoot, and I popped in while they were shooting Brianna’s sister in both Armour and Recreo designs. Marcus used a clean white wall and a large fabric drape, making the sun into one big softbox. We shot at most, 50 frames that day. And we didn’t need to do any more. The results were sharp and clean, showcasing the pieces perfectly.

Shown: Pyramid CuffsDouble BanglesFearless Chest Plate

Their pieces are exactly as they are named – a modern day suit of armor for the confident woman. It wasn’t difficult to feel like a total badass as soon as they put the jewelry on me.

Shown: Pyramid Cuffs, Large Hoop Earrings

The second time I had the pleasure of wearing Armour was during the 2016 Guanajuato International Film Festival. I was invited to attend by Victor Hugo, a creative mind behind the red carpet events during the festival. These events featured the work of many Mexico based designers, and Armour Jewelry teamed up with Darinka Vasahuri to dress me. Darinka designed a gorgeous red gown with a fan detail, inspired by the Japanese theme of the festival. Armour had two new pieces at the time, the Serpent Cuff and the Sloan Choker, and the dress was designed perfectly to complement both.


Brianna and Megan are certainly making their mark on the world of fashion. Their work has been featured in numerous magazines, and has decorated several well known celebrities. The duo recently opened their own boutique in San Miguel De Allende, in the Doce 18 Concept House. The presentation – rich stone dripping in precious metals and jewels – gives that ultra luxe vibe that’s so fitting for these pieces.

Armour Jewelry Boutique, Doce 18 Concept House, San Miguel De Allende.

I absolutely love these ladies and their work, and I cannot wait to see what they do next. Definitely check out their space if you find yourself in San Miguel De Allende, and be sure to follow them on social media to see where else they and their designs can be found.


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