Labor Day Lust: Smoke & Shadows

Who doesn’t love a little Burlesque on a Holiday weekend? 

I had the pleasure of joining Elsa Riot, burlesque dancer and producer, and regular host Sammy Temper for the Labor Day installment of Smoke & Shadows Burlesque and Variety Show. The show is every 1st Monday at The Rockwell Theatre in Somerville, MA. 

Elsa was absolutely lovely to work with, and I got to catch her one of her numbers midway through the show. Sammy had the most amazing outfits and shoes, and a great sense of humor. Even from backstage, I felt part of the audience.  I was also able to enjoy Kalidasi’s performance after intermission, and was lucky to be able to hear both Sweet N’Lo singing and Chloe Cunha’s comedy from the backstage as well. 

Photos by Roger Gordy

Smoke & Shadows is a fabulous variety show, and a must see for anyone in the Boston area. Expect a great mix of quality talent, and the most fun you’ve had on Monday night in a long time. Of course, I had a total blast performing, and I hope to join the cast again soon! Here’s a video from one of my acts, Loca Amor. Enjoy!

Video by Beren Jones

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