Reinventing Me

Image of stars and a purple nebula in the center.
Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

The way of life I’ve called into being has made me immune.

In tune with the truth and removed from the cartoonish buffoonery I once allowed to be my reality.

I can stand in a room, become one with a groove, and let all past regrets fall through open fingertips.

I lament false friendship and transgressions.

But behind a front, I’ve built confidence, though not yet boundless, unlimited in its potential.

The story is mine, I refuse to leave it untold. I am no longer ashamed at the way it unfolded.

A restorative force has enveloped my being. Increasing the healing while revealing my purest state.

My surroundings now consist of love and creativeness on a level which many will never attain.

My life graced by unsullied energy.

Vibrant strength enlightening all which would dare stand in my path.

In my awareness, I refrain from submitting to malevolent tendencies.

Maintaining a view toward ascendancy.

Reinventing me.


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