Desert sand dune

The mark of teeth on sun-kissed skin

In dark hours of morning

My flooding heart murmurs in overt clarity



On the precipice of severance from normalcy

You revealed to me

Devotion set in stone


An etching decipherable only by our tongues.

Your lips speak immaculate.

Laden with praise cultivated

In royal gardens of vine and petal.


A treasure not held in hands.

Encounter of a nature unrealized.

Coincidence lies only in proximity.

I awoke far removed from shame.


Morning light in emulation of my heart.

In the days following

A falling away.

I breathed


Embers carried by my own exhalation.

Exposed and unspoken.

Submerged in uncertainty.

The tenderness of your presence

A blessing.

Tending to wounds not of the flesh.

I began to perceive a parallel

With every delving venture.

Mentality mirrored physicality.

Though unsure

Yearning inundated my perception.

Comfort gave way to struggle.

A meshing of two worlds


Satiation held hands with frustration.

The conception of our empire.

You provided answer

Sought long and hard but question forgotten.

In destiny


I give my whole.

In my contentment

I must remember to stave off complacence.

A priceless paragon I hold in regard.


I pray, remain mine.


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