Aquarius Funkk, a performance artist, in front of a blue backdrop, wearing industrial goggles, long satin gloves and posing with their hands covering their chest and touching their face.

The Interplanetary Extraordinary Manifesto

The Interplanetary Extraordinary Aquarius Funkk is an artist outta this world. ¬†Aquarius (they/them) is an afrofuturist, non-binary queer artist & … More

Coming Back From The Dead

I have noticed the circles and mirrors in my life. Cyclical happenings, reflections of past moments returning to the present, replaying interactions and relationships. These a-ha moments are often prefaced by something monumental, or even simply notable, and usually, there are emotions attached. Big, small, indifferent or otherwise, it usually means I am transitioning somehow, between worlds, between my selves, peeling back a new layer, forgetting who I was and remembering who I’m becoming. Woven in with my manic moods and crushing lows, these moments usually mean a mix of tears, self-doubt, hyper-activeness, hibernation, attempts at new resolve and recurring impostor syndrome.